Odd behavior when selecting "Find in files..."

  • X) that jumps to the upper-left corner of my main screen. If the “Find result” panel was not docked, it also disappears completely and can’t be located.

    If I maximize the Notepad++ main window, the dialog flashes and disappears and the results also disappear permanently if not docked. When I “un-maximize” the main window, it reverts to the tiny box in upper-left.

    I can work around this by first selecting “Find” and then switching to the “Find in files” tab.

    This was observed in 6.9.2 release. I uninstalled, installed the new v7 (64-bit) and am still seeing the issue.

  • @Tom-Popowski

    this reminds about an issue with config files.
    As you uninstalled, did you delete APPDATA directory as well?
    If you are using APPDATA configuration of course, maybe you wanna give it a try
    to rename the %APPDATA%\notepad++ directory and then start npp.


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