Gui improvement - add new note button to the right of the last tab

  • I know that there is a button on the toolbar at the far left for a new note, but I intuitively always think to look in the row where all the note tabs already are. This is industry standard practice as all major browsers behave this way by having a way to start a new tab with a button to the right of the last tab.

    I think replicating this design practice would make n++ more intuitive, especially new users.

    I think a small button with a green plus icon would be great. It would float to the right of the rightmost tab in n++. If you have so many notes open that they all do not fit across the row the plus button should always remain on top (at the far right) so the user does have scroll to find it.

  • FYI: double click where you expect the plus sign to be i.e. just right of the most right tab, it will open a new tab/note.

  • Thanks! works great

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