Show the "just opened" file when another file has changed

  • I’m using Notepad++ v6.9.2 on Windows.

    Suppose I have 2 files, a.txt and b.txt. Through windows explorer I open a.txt, then notepad++ opens in a “a.txt” tab.

    Now I open a.txt on another editor and change some text on it and save. (Notepadd++ is not yet on foreground)

    Now I go to windows explorer and open b.txt, notepad go to foreground and opens in “a.txt” tab asking me if I want to update the file contents, i answer “yes”, and it stays on “a.txt”, not on “b.txt” which is the file i just opened.

    AFAIK in previous versions of Notepad++, after answering all the “update content” questions, it showed the just opened file (“b.txt” on the example). This must be the correct behaviour.

  • Hi @Pipe-Botero,

    i posted a similar feature-request some months ago.

    Kind regards,


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