Line comments not working in v. 7

  • I tried installing version 7. I tried both the 32bit and 64bit versions. When I try to edit a javascript file (.js extension), Ctrl+K to comment the highlighted lines is no longer working reliably. Sometimes it works, other times nothing happens.

    There are a few different permutations of the issue:

    1. For a short javascript file with a .js extension: it seems to work.
    2. For the same file with a .jsx extension (but only javascript) it doesn’t work even when language javascript is selected.
    3. For a long javascript file (.js) doesn’t work, nothing happens.
    4. For a html file with embedded javascript and language->javascript selected: doesn’t work.

    Number 2 is the weirdest. The syntax highlighting changes with the language selection, but the line commenting seems tied to the file extension. I never had these problems in older versions.

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