Website bug - verification emails not sent for github login

  • When I used my github login credentials, the Notepad-plus-plus community site let me log in, and claimed (twice) to have sent a verification email to me. But the verification emails never showed up.

    So I logged out, and then logged in with my g+ credentials, and a verification email was sent to me immediately. It went to my gmail spam folder, but it worked.

    So, my suggestions are:

    #1: Fix the github login email verification system.

    #2: Warn users that the confirmation email is likely to go to their spam folder, so they should look for it there.

  • P.S. - The email subject was, “Welcome to Community.” It didn’t mention Notepad++ anywhere. So…

    Suggestion #3: Change the email subject line to, “Welcome to Notepad++ Community,” or at least mention Notepad++ somewhere in the email.

  • I have had the same issue. It took me a long time to fix. I change the github email with my gmail address. Then I received the confirmation mail in SPAM. I had to declare as not spam so that gmail processed the url decoding of verification url. Then it works.

  • That’s interesting. My github email address is my gmail address, the same address as my G+ credentials. Yet when I used my github credentials the verification emails never arrived.

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