Find All window don't keep selected line after double click

  • .I’m using version 7.1 (but the same thing occurs in .6.9.2 and maybe earlier.)
    If I do a find all in current document (or in fine all in all opened documents) a find window is created with all the lines that contain what I have been searching for. If I double click on a line I will be positioned to the line in the document where it was found.

    But the problem is that the line in the find window is not selected! Which makes it a pain trying to see which of the lines are the one I want.

    Is there some configuration I have missed or is this a BUG?

  • I confirm the issue. It’s quite annoying.

  • This usually bothers me in the following way: I want to look at each of the matches individually, so I double-click the bottom one in the Find Result panel to get to the editor window for that match, maybe make some changes…but then, since it is not highlighted as the OP points out, I am uncertain which match I need to go to next. I solved this by using the menu/shortcut for “Search Results Window”; this jumps back to the Find Result panel and has the current match highlighted…so it is easy to see which match to examine next. Definitely not a fix, but a workaround that works for me.

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