How do I edit read-only files?

  • I’m pretty sure that with some old version I was able to edit read-only files and when I saved them it would automatically clear read-only flag and modify the file for me. Am I correct that previously it was like that? If so, what version was the one that worked properly. Personally I won’t use notepad++ because I totally hate to manually click some weird menus to clear read-only flag.

  • If you won’t use Notepad++ then why are you bothering to ask this question? Or more importantly, why am I bothering to respond? :)

    It is really buried deep in a totally weird menu: If you right-click on the TAB for the read-only document, and select “Clear Read-only Flag”…it clears the read-only attribute.

  • It is also buried DEEP in the first level of the Edit menu.

  • I wasn’t aware of this hidden feature for clearing the flag, so I used other workarounds to deal with this problem. I think Notepad++ should show a warning dialog when you try to edit a read-only file, to indicate that the file is in read-only mode and it should show how to clear the flag / or it should display the dialog box upon opening the file.

  • It does flag you: look at the disk icon on each tab:

    • Opened the File as Read Only → Grey Icon:
    • Edit > Clear Read-Only Flag → Blue Icon:
    • Make a change to the file → Red Icon:

  • I know that there is that ridiculously useless “clear read-only flag” menu item. I’m saying that I’m pretty sure with old version of notepad++ it would just show message box asking you to save “read only file” and you say “yes” or “no” to force it.
    I might be wrong that notepad++ had it, but pretty much all editors simply allow you to edit files and when you try to save the stop you from saving and ask if you really want to overwrite readonly file. It so freaking ridiculously bad that notepad++ doesn’t allow you to edit file in the first place. Freaks me out. I might be wrong, but I’ve never experienced that shitty behavior, could it be that it was added in some recent version?

  • For the benefit of other readers that this behavior might annoy (perhaps less than it annoys Pavel P), a possible improvement idea may be found here:

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