Reload modified files

  • When giving focus to np ++ it will prompt me as to whether to reload any modified files. Great, but an option to reload all would make life a lot easier as I often copy whole folders across and have 10+ files from that folder open then have to click OK a bunch of times. Most other editors have this pretty basic option (there might be a setting for this I am unaware of, but it should just be a basic option)

  • The chances that somebody will do this are probably better when you make this an issue on GitHub.

  • Jan,

    When I look at that GitHub forum, there are lots of ideas, suggestions, and bugs, and many of them don’t have a single reply! I wonder if it would not be better to focus everything on this general discussion forum, rather than artificially split the discussion.

  • @David-Bailey You are right, some of the issues On GitHub stay open for quite some time. It isn’t perfect.

    But speaking of focusing the discussion, GitHub is the place where most of the developers hang out, while this forum here is for exchanging thoughts, concerns etc. Most developers visit this forum on a very irregular basis, if they do at all. I agree that the duplicate structure is not great, but it is all we have at the moment.

    The probability that you find someone who both listens to your perfectly reasonable request and has the ability to make it real is quite low here in the forum. That’s only my personal opinion, but it is based on ten or so years of experience with the old SourceForge forum for N++.

  • Actually, most of the threads here are about enhancements or bugs of various sorts!

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