Links Won't Open (Again)

  • Hi there,
    Running N++ 7.1 (W10). The issue is similar to this, but have set up N++ to work with AutoHotkey.
    All that was done was to change some colors to the Global Styles, but restarting or closing/re-opening docs doesn’t fix. This applies to standard text files as well as the AHK script where The link highlights on select but does not launch in the default browser (Chrome)

    Might it be an issue with a plugin?
    MIME Tools
    Plugin Manager
    Python Script
    Spell Checker

    Question about the Plugin Manager: What does checking the plugins in the Installed tab do?

    Also- minor issue: Preferences/Auto-Completion/Enable Completion on each input. The value cannot be changed to another number with a “ding” warning.

    Thanks for reading!

  • Ew, oops, something broke in Windows so a reboot cured the launch link issue. Couldn’t even show property pages of files in explorer as well!
    Wonder if it has anything to do with that Logitech Gaming Software 8.40 driver for mouse & keyboard again.
    Anyhow, appreciate any suggestions on the other enquiries.
    Thanks again!

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