Update to Plugin Manager says Hosted by Nexinto Business Cloud?

  • I just update the Plugin Manager and it now has logo and text saying plugin list is are being supplied by a company called “Nexinto Business Cloud” (web site: https://www.nexinto.com/)

    I can’t find any information about this here, on other Notepad++ web sites, or for that matter the Nexinto website. My concern that this change is actually true and not some subtle adware or malware sneaking through.

    Can anyone provide a bit of information to assuage my slightly paranoid security concerns?

  • Next to that logo in the PluginManager is a link called “Why is this here?”. Follow it to find the answers to your questions!

  • Just to confirm what @MAPJe71 said, yes, this is official - they’re sponsoring the hosting of the list (the “why is this here” link was down for a few hours last night, apologies if you caught it at a time when it wasn’t available).

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