Feature request: Ignore all switches

  • Hi

    I’d like to request a command line switch that will cause notepad++ to ignore all following command line switches.

    I use the debugger option in the registry to replace notepad.exe with notepad++.exe and it’s fine, other than notepad.exe gets opened as a text file. Nothing awful there but other text editors such as notepad2 have a command line switch which causes everything else on the command line to be ignored.

    In this way notepad++ wouldn’t be told to open notepad.exe and that command line switch could just be used in the registry.




  • @Oliver-Marshall

    I assume I don’t really understand your request because the first thing which
    comes into my mind is, if you want to ignore all following command line
    switches why not erasing it at all. I mean, don’t type it. ??


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