sorry, but what difference between 32bit & 64bit versions?

  • I’m very sorry, but I can’t find description about when I realy need 64bit version of N++.

    where is is better? in which cases?

  • @Telealex

    a quick answer would be, that a 64 bit application can allocate more RAM,
    which, in case of npp, would mean it can load bigger files.
    The big BUT at the moment is, that only a few plugins are available. But this
    will change sometime.

    So, if you don’t use plugins, which aren’t available, you can switch to the 64 bit version,
    as long as your CPU supports it, of course.


  • In addition the 64-bit software will not suffer from the file-system redirection, so you can access files in C\Windows\System32 directly without the need to use C:\Windows\SysNative ;-)

  • 64 bit by some reason doesn’t include Plugin Manager. Just as a software note.

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