"Hide Lines" feature has a bug.

  • Hi all,

    I’ve noticed that the “Hide Lines” feature has a bug:
    If I select a block of lines of text, then “Hide Lines”, Notepad++ folds the lines, shows two arrows in the bookmark zone, and draws a line across the page to indicate folded text.

    This is good. Now the problem:

    If I then select the line immediately above the folded text and hide that too, then unhide by clicking either of the arrows in the bookmark area, not all of the text comes back, and there are no lines indicating folded text!!! As a result, it’s easy to lose text when folding code near an existing fold.

    Of course, I can work around this problem by making sure there is at least one line between my folds, but this still should be fixed as the risk of the user losing text can be severe. Also, I WANT to be able to fold a line that is adjacent to an existing fold, without this workaround.

    Please fix this, or direct me on how I can fix it myself.

    I have never coded for an open source project before, but I will if it means this bug can be fixed soon. (My goal is to have a working “Hide Lines” feature by Christmas 2016, whether by my doing or the rest of the Notepad++ Community’s doing.)

    Thanks everyone,
    Have a great day,

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