Notepad ++ for MAC OS

  • Good afternoon!
    Notepad ++ is the best code editor! Thanks to developers. But we have to move on Windows MAC OS, and there do not have this notebook. Why not write Notepad ++ for MAC? I think if you write it, then people will even buy!

  • Notepad++ is very tightly integrated with Win32 API. The classic windows look and feel is big part of its appeal (at least for me).
    To port the same logic to a different GUI API (Linux GTK/QT/other or Mac whatever) probably at least 50% of the code will need to be rewritten. It could be a great product but it will not be Notepad++.
    Most users are happy with current Win32 version and will not give it up so multiple versions will need to be maintained.
    Most plugins will need to be adapted and maintain 2 versions. Most plugins developers will not (or could not) do it.

    And in any case, if a porting effort would resume, a Linux port should have higher priority than a Mac port.

    Money always helps but establishing pay model for existing free product is difficult.
    A VERY big donation for independent developer(s) to start working on it full time for a year or so is probably the only way to make it happen.

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