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  • Hey there,
    I have noticed that the behavior isn’t always the same, haven’t found the situation in which it happens yet, but here my case: i have a really big file (492MB) and i need to have a short look into it, like to check if i was generated correctly. When i want to open it, sometimes a message pops up, telling me that the file is too big, but not always, often i can just open it and also edit it. Maybe you could remove this limit? If i have enough RAM, i should be able to open whatever i want…


  • First thing Notepad++ (or any similar editor) is probably the wrong tool to glimpse at a huge file. Something like unix ‘less’ utility or an app that supports “view only” will be much better for that.

    How long does it take it to open the file when it succeeds?
    Do you need syntax highlighting?

    A 32 bit app can use/map only 2GB of memory (where other 2GB space is reserved to kernel) even if your computer has 16GB of RAM or more.
    Notepad++ loads all the file to memory. Then for every character allocates at least an additional byte for highlighting color and lots of other extra internal data. Can’t say why sometimes it works and sometimes it fails but the total allocation size is definitely close to the 2GB limit.

    Try the 64 bit version. Maybe it will be better. But consider a different tool.

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