Notepad++ in the Windows Store

  • Hi
    Notepad++ is really one of the best text editors I have seen and used so far! I really appreciate the developer’s and contributors’ work on it. I just wanted to ask if it is possible to bring Notepad++ to Windows 10 store with project Centennial? So many more people would see Notepad++ and use it and updating becomes easier. I ask you( the developer) to consider this please.
    Thank you for this great program.

    • What is Project Centennial?
    • Does putting NPP on Project Centennial subject the software to some bizarre license agreement? Does PC restrict rights of the author or software and how it’s distributed?

  • Project Centennial is the codename for a bridge Microsoft have developed so developers can repackage their exe, msi and other desktop apps as “appx” packages similar to Windows 10 store apps. The binary installer file gets converted and it will be possible to distribute it in the Windows Store. It can still be available out of the store too as both appx and exe installers.
    I do not know about the terms and license agreement really but I guess it is possible to put the app there without restrictions. Just Microsoft checks the app to approve it is malware free and usable .

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