Keyboard capitalization

  • Where I work we have a SQL style standard that says that all keywords must be capitalized.
    Is there a way to do this currently from within Notepad++?

    I’ve seen some plugins, but one plugin has been reported as not working and the other requires you to be online because the code is actually sent to a server to be converted.
    I’m not comfortable with that and I’m sure it is a security/confidentiality violation of my company to allow something like that.

    I see in Settings/Style Configurator that there are default keywords and user-defined keywords.
    Could you add a check box to allow capitalization of all keywords, with the caveat that ALL words that match the keywords WILL be capitalized regardless of usage?
    This would be a huge timesaver even if it capitalized words that shouldn’t be capitalized because of usage because the keywords are highlighted by color and easily findable.

    Thank you for your time