Feature idea - collapse multiple

  • Was just using Notepad++ to inspect a JSON file that includes a bunch of repeated objects in an array. Each of those objects has a very large child property (let’s call it “foo”). To look at the list as a whole, I tend to collapse those inner properties by scrolling through the doc and clicking the +/- button next to each “foo”. While doing this it occurred to me that it would be pretty sweet if there were some way to tell it “collapse this one and everything that looks like it - i.e., every ‘foo’ that has same ancestry as this one.”

    Anyway, not sure if this is something that’s been attempted, looked at, rejected already - just an idea that struck me so I thought I should register here and pass it along.

  • @Rick-Riensche

    View->Collapse Level

    might be the answer.


  • Well, would you look at that - I had no idea that existed. Thanks! :D

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