Disable Folder as Workspace

  • Is there any option to disable stupid function of “Folder as Workspace”? I want to open 1000s of files at once and to handle them simultaniously. I am using 6.8.8 version just because I don’t know how to disable “Folder as Workspace” function in newer versions. Please help me.

  • @Nemanja-Bračko

    In 7.2.2, in Settings (menu) -> Preferences -> Default Directory there is a checkbox entitled “Open all files of folder instead of launching Folder as Workspace on folder dropping”. Checking this box seems like it will make Notepad++ do what you want it to.

    Perhaps a lot of people love the Folder as Workspace functionality. Calling it “stupid” because you happen to not like it just seems inflammatory. A wise person once told me to consider all perspectives, not just my own. :-)

  • Thank you! That is what I need. I called “stupid” baceuse I have searched the Internet and I saw that many, many, many people wanted to disable that option. One of the main features of NPP is acctualy that: Open as much files as you can (by draging into interface) and process them simultaniously.

    Developers had had to consider all perspectives in the beginning. :)

    Anyway, I didn’t want to offence anyone and thank you for your help!

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