Doing a global search & replace in Notepad

  • [I’m running Windows 7, if that has any bearing on my problem.] I have a .txt database from 2007-8 of 3,000 to 4,000 email addresses. I’m trying to convert all of them from the email program I used to use (can’t remember its name) to a simple comma(,) to build a comma-delimited database. Here’s a sample of what I’m trying to do in Notepad:

    “|subscribed|2008/08/22||” ------> “sharonking,” (The quotation marks are not used in the conversion [and not her real addy].)

    In 1/2 of the conversions, I successfully did THAT by using this Search & Replace formula:

    REPLACE “|subscribed|2008/*” ------> WITH “,” and I would end up with “sharonking,” (Again, the quotation marks, and REPLACE/WITH are only here for YOUR benefit to help understand.)

    The “global Search & Replace” worked marvelously. BUT, for the OTHER 1/2 (formatted the exact same way) it doesn’t work at all. I’m stuck having to manually change each entry.

    Any ideas on how to re-automate the misbehaving half?? Would I need to import (if it can be done) into Wordpad, or some other program?

    If this program tries to send the reply to my unused .Spamcop address, please manually send it to me at foodstr7 at

    Thank you for any help you can provide!


  • @Bruce-Hopkins
    not sure how it did work at all.

    I assume that the data is allways in the form

    name@domainPIPE… (PIP is ofcourse | )

    in such case I would use the following regex in find


    and replace it with a comma.

    Make sure regex has been selected.