utf8mb4 encoding of csv files on Windows Platform

  • I have been successful setting up my LAMPS server so that MySQL 5.7 now fully supports the utf8mb4 character sets. Asian and French character sets can be entered directly into the database front end XATAFace with no issues. When I import csv files into MySQL with the phpmyadmin administrative frontend the csv files I am making now with non latin1 characters (French) are not being imported, throwing the familar mysql import error:

    #13666 Incorrect String value: ‘\xE9ciali…’ for column . . . .

    Does NotePad++ on the Windows platform allow me to work with csv files that support utf8mb4 encoding of the csv file so that I can successfully import my csvs into MySQL? Any ideas how this hurdle can be overcome?

    Saginaw Michigan

  • @ml48603

    I don’t see why it shouldn’t?
    But is this utf8mb4 a real standard? Or just something MySQL invented?
    First look - I’m guessing the latter, just a fixed 4 byte utf-8 encoding.

    What makes me nervous is this 0xE9 value which basically would mean
    11101001 binary and this wouldn’t comply to utf8 encoding.

    Did you try to save the file with utf-8 encoding and upload it to MySQL?


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