Session Lost in Admin Reload

  • Wow! I was working with more than 15 tabs opened for days and today, after trying to open a new CPP file, Notepad++ asked me to “reopen the file in Admin Mode” - which I had performed a lot of times before without any error.

    I agreeded and (POW!) just a new tab (New1) appeared and all other tabs were closed.
    I have some of them saved before but NOT all of them.
    And even in a normal work day I do this (open many files at the same time) a lot of times.

    Please, see what can be causing this!
    My Notepadd++ is up to date and its version is 7.2.2

  • I saw now the newest version 7.3 had correct it. Thanks!

    But my oldest version didn’t warn me about the 7.3 version, although my settings were defining this feature.


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