Find In Files not working

  • I’m trying to use the function Find In Files to find files containing the string “DOCUMENT_ROOT”.

    I have tried this in both Notepad++ and in Crimson/Emerald. Both hang when asked to do this search. The only way out seems to be to terminate the program.

    The parameters that I am specifying are:
    Find What: DOCUMENT_ROOT
    File Type: *.php
    Folder: \SUE-PC\C-Users\RowanB\Documents\Inetpub\\include

    Why is this hang happening? Do Crimson/Emerald and Notepad++ share some code? If not, it’s very difficult to understand why both should suffer from a very similar problem.

    How can I do this search?

    I’m using Notepad++ v7.2.2 64bit on Windows 8.1.

    Thanks - Rowan

  • Based on the path I assume it is some kind of network share.
    Most likely there is some hang due to the network that both editors experience. Perhaps waiting on some locked file.
    If the share is SAMBA from linux by any chance I guess that soft links may lead to infinite circles within the directory tree.

    Find in files loads each file into notepad++. It is always rather slow and over network it can be really slow.
    How many php files are under this folder?
    How long did you wait for the hang to finish?

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