Will you ever fix this problem?

  • Hello.
    Everything is excellent in NPP, but this is an evergreen problem:

    NPP should have default options, named:

    mb (be default, 1 mb)

    mb, ask me in which mode I want to open the file:

    a) full support of SyntaxHighligh +SpellCheck + BracketsMatchand etc…)
    b) Only plain text mode (so no actions should be taken to text-content)

    THis is MUST HAVE options, as we are tired and annoyed by this bug, as opening 20+ more files, causes to freeze software (because it tries to syntax highligh, brackets match , grammar chek and etc…) so, just give us this simplest feature (like jEdit has already… only for this reason, I have installed jedit, as it handles large files well with T\PLAIN-MODE)

  • I’m always surprised by the way some people yell at others and insist on having something more than what they have given them for free.

    First - This behavior is not a bug.
    Second - Nothing is ‘MUST HAVE’ when it is free.
    Third - If you are tired and annoyed use jEdit.


    1. Say ‘Thanks’.
    2. Say ‘Please’.
    3. Go to https://github.com/notepad-plus-plus/notepad-plus-plus/issues and create there a new Issue. Name it ‘Feature Request’ and describe in more neutral way what is your proposal to make this software better suit your needs and better in general for all.

  • @pnedev
    Well said. Much better than what I forced myself not to post! :-)

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