When does Auto Updater trigger?

  • I’m currently running Notepad++ 7.2.2 64-bit but I’ve seen this for a long time across many versions.
    It seems that the Auto updater never really triggers. (In Settings -> MISC, I have Enable Notepad++ auto-updater checked).

    When, after each new release comes out, would the auto-updater trigger? 7.3 came out about nineteen days ago, and even ? -> Updated Notepad++ says that no update is available.
    Over the last several versions, I’ve always updated manually (that is, go to web site, download installer, run installer).

    How can I get the auto-updater to work?

    Windows 10 Enterprise “Anniversary” edition 64-bit, but also saw this on Windows 7 Enterprise SP1 64-bit before, and also see if on Windows 10 Pro (whatever edition was the one before “Anniversary”) 64-bit.

  • @libove

    check settings->preferences->misc for auto updater setting
    check config.xml file for entry

     <GUIConfig name="noUpdate" intervalDays="15" nextUpdateDate="20170103">yes</GUIConfig>


  • I also have 7.2.2, though 32-bit, and also no auto-update.
    I have never unchecked “Enable Notepad++ auto-updater” in Settings / MISC.

    My config.xml line reads
    <GUIConfig name=“noUpdate” intervalDays=“15” nextUpdateDate=“20170126”>yes</GUIConfig>
    So last check should have been 20170111, which should have triggered 7.3.

    (by the way config.xml is in Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Notepad++\ - Win7 here)

  • And also for me check update ( ? --> Update Notepad++) says “No update is available.”
    Claudia, you missed addressing that comment of libov.

    (couldn’t edit my first post due to 3 minute restriction)

  • @Johan-Siwerth25

    it could have several reasons why an update failed.

    It might be that the problem is npp itself and something
    has changed within source code but than I would assume
    much more complains about it - and to be honest, I haven’t checked the source.

    It could be that you have setup an proxy but it is either wrongly setup or not needed
    or the other way, you need a proxy but you didn’t set up one.

    It is also possible that you are using an old operating system like XP which doesn’t
    support the new ssl libraries.

    Also possible server wasn’t available at time of try or ssl handshake failed for whatever reason.
    As said, I didn’t check the source code, so I can’t say if npp would try x times and if it can’t get a connection
    it postpones it or not.

    With an app like wireshark you can trace your network traffic and would see if one of the above mentioned
    reasons, except the postpone one, might have caused it. From remote it is really hard to identify.


  • Version 7.3.1 was released on 17 Jan 2017. The release notes state “Auto-updater will be triggered in few days if there’s no critical issue found.” This is typical with all NPP releases. Once 7.3.1 looks stable it will be released to the auto-updater.

    The auto-updater check every 15 days meaning even if 7.3.1 were released to production today those relying on auto-update will see 7.3.1 as early as today and it could be up to 15 days from now which is on February 9th.

    If you do a manual ? / Update Notepad++ then it will set the date for the next automatic check for update to be 15 days from today. Thus those checking at this instant will get “No update is available” and npp won’t check again on its own until February 9th.

  • Here’s an update to my previous post to more directly answer the OP’s question. 7.3 was released on 1 Jan 2017. Unfortunately, it seems that forum @administrators do not usually announce when a release is shifted from pre-prelease mode to production so that the built-in check-for-updates thing updates can pick it up. I suspect 7.3 was never released to production though it’s possible it was released and then withdrawn when the incorrect MD5 issue became known. The MD5 issue was fixed in 7.3.1 on 17 Jan 2017.

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