Tabs and Spaces don't match what I see in normal notepad (and other sources)

  • Here’s a picture to help explain what I mean better:

    This is quite annoying because GitHub and such also mess up when tabs and spaces show up and it’s quite annoying. How can I make them match? (Or what’s causing it)

  • @Doruk-Aksoy

    You can configure what a “tab” means to Notepad++ in the Settings (menu) -> Preferences -> Language -> Tab Settings area. A requirement for setting this is knowing what you want. If your requirement is “just like normal notepad” you need to set the “Tab size” to 8 and make sure that “Replace by space” is UNchecked for the type of file you are working with.

  • Not sure this is the same thing but a colleague of mine recently tried to change fonts in NPP. He changed it for the C language styles but for tab and spaces NPP (or Scintilla) refer only to the Global Styles --> Default Style. So the they were not synchronized to the C code. E.g. 4 spaces where shorter than 4 C chars since spaces where in ‘Global’ font and not the C font.

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