Forum "new users" limitation

  • The limitation of 1200 seconds (20 minutes) between each post for the users with less than 2 reputation (upvotes, I guess) seems exagerate to me, it seems quite hard to gain that reputation and 20 minutes could probably be reduced to at least 10 without any harm.

    Can it be tweaked? Personally I think it could be disabled altogether, most discussion places live by just fine without anything of that sort.

    The fact that you’re not told how much is left before you can go is quite annoying too.

  • @Gabr-F

    There were some horrendous problems with spam at one time, so the limitations were put into place because of that, I believe. I will upvote a couple of your posts.

  • @Scott-Sumner Ok thanks. I still think another system would be better.
    It would be healthy for long-time users to make a new account and experiment the system every once in a while.

  • How does one get more reputation? From upvotes on posts?

    I am trying to get a better rep by helping with some of the simpler questions that arise. I find myself setting a 20 minute timer so I know when I can hit post. The timer is annoying but I can see why it is necessary.

    I just wanted to make sure I’m going about earning reputation the correct way.

  • @John-Bowman Yes, post upvotes increase your reputation.

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