Notepad++ 7.3.1 - Auto Reload doesn't work

  • I’ve Notepad++ 7.3 installed until some days ago and files auto-reload works fine.
    Suddenly it does’t work any more.
    I tried to uninstall 7.3 and install 7.3.1 but the problem persist.
    In settings -> Preferences -> MISC -> all 3 checkbox “Enable” , “update Silently”, “scroll to last line” are checked.
    Platform is Windows Server 2012 R2 - 64 bit.
    Any hints?

  • @Andrea-Pacini

    so you don’t get updates anymore?
    Or do you see the file gets updated once you click into it?
    Did you discover this for a particular file or are all affected?
    What did you do to test this?


  • The updates works only with “Reload from disk” menu.
    It seems that is a common problem for all files.
    I tried with 3 files updated by external application (log files)

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