No file extension gets added to filename upon saving (Notepad++ 7.3.1)

  • Hallo! The Notepad++ team probably am aware of this already but I’m pointing it out anyway:
    When about to save a file using the File menu option “Save As…” and selecting a file format in the file format dropdown list, no file extension gets added to the filename in the file name text field as it has in previous versions of Notepad++. Just a tiny inconvenience but a annoying one.

    And some praise: Notepad++ is excellent and my favourite text editor. Good work!

  • @Henrik-Jonsson


    could it be that Settings->Preferences->Default Directory->Use new style save dialog (without file extension feature) has been checked?


  • This setting fixes the problem but it is not working correctly in 7.3.1
    Whenever I restart Notepad++ “Use new style save dialog” is automatically checked again…

    So I can disable it for the current session and everything works but when I close Notepad++ and open it again, then I have to manually uncheck this setting again. And that is a bit annoying…

  • @hmuellers

    This is a known issue and is already fixed for the next release.

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