Notepad++ to remember collapsed code

  • Hi all!
    I use notepad++ for coding and for long source files I collapse the code to make scrolling easier. I’m not sure if it’s just me or if it hasn’t been implemented yet but whenever I start notepad++ the tabs get restored to their last state with the exception of how I collapsed my code. If this has been implemented and the option is hidden away somewhere in the settings please let me know as this would be a huge time saver. Otherwise could this be implemented as it doesn’t seem to be a difficult feature to implement.

    Thanks in advance for any reply :)

  • @Hamster-Cage

    Normally you did get this if remember session functionality has been enabled.
    But it looks like it is broken.
    The session.xml still has the fold points but if I restart npp the document is expanded completely.

    Needs more investigation.


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