Suddenly....missing text

  • I have an 8.5 mb text file I use to keep current notes. While it is getting a bit big, it opens fine with MS Notepad, but all of a sudden a good chunk of the middle of it it is missing when opened with the current Notepad++ and an older version (which, incidentally did not update itself, it appears). Now the only issue I can point to is that for a while I’ve been adding notes a bit up from the end, keeping something at the bottom. I’ve seen problems with doing this kind of thing with Notepad+ years ago, but I don’t understand why, if the file isn’t corrupt, since it opens in its entirety with Notepad, it still won’t open that way in Notepad++. Perhaps I’ve just reached the size limit?

  • I just cut the file shorter and the remainder now opens correctly in Notepad++ so I’m supposing the file’s length to be the problem.

  • @RE-Mant

    if you search the forum you will see that files >200MB can be opened without a problem, so 8.5 MB shouldn’t
    be a problem at all.
    About the issue, is there any chance to provide the data to replicate the issue?
    Together with the debug-info from ? menu and the used operating system version?


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