Win 8.1 Pro 64 bit version?

  • Hello all,
    . . . . I am new to Z-80 programming. I am in the process of building a S-100 computer system. At first I will be running a Z-80 processor card and a 8080 processor card. I damaged my new Super Computer MB. I sent it back to AsRock last week. It is now in CA. They will receive the old board in the next couple of days. My new MB should be on the way at the end of the week or the first part of next week. That means that I will receive sometime late next week or towards the middle of the week after that.
    . . . . The reason that I went into this is because I run Win 8.1 Pro 64 bit on that machine. Right now I am using another machine with 32 bit XP on it. The machine does support 64 bit XP but I didn’t want to go to the trouble. When I downloaded Notepad++ using the XP machine I noticed that it downloaded a 32 bit version. I can’t find where to go to to download a 64 bit version. Does your download process check to see what is running on a system and then downloads the appropriate version?
    Thanks and GOD Bless,

  • @Richard-Pope

    don’t know where you’ve downloaded npp from but if
    you use the homepage you will clearly see that there is
    a section to download x86 and a section for x64 packages.


  • Claudia,
    . . . . I found it under downloads on the Home page. I don’t know how I blew by it.
    Thanks GOD Bless,

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