Notepad++ Debugging

  • So I’m new to HTML, CSS and Javascript and my first we page I’m developing won’t compile and I don’t know why. Does “Notepad++” support debugging? If so, how?

    Thank you.

  • Not really … but it helps a lot with syntax highlighting

    if you have this:



    And klick on the closing tag, it shows you also the starting tag. This is very helpfull.

    Also on typos
    <html> </htm>
    it shows the valid starting tag in a different color as the invalid closing tag

    Or if you have nested brackets

    @media (max-height: 400px) {
    .my_class {



    Just klick on one bracket and it shows you the counterpart
    For debugging try Firebug and (html) (CSS)

  • Thank you. I’ll try firebug. I used it before but not for debugging.

  • I’m back and have a question regarding the CSS validation link: is there a “more detail” section? I have a parsing error on lines 1 and 3 and it gives me the vaguest details.

    Here they are:

    Value Error : background Parse Error C:\Users\Baba\Desktop\Portfolio\Sonic Mania\Images\Title), width=“1020”, height=“840”

    Value Error : background Parse Error C:\Users\Baba\Desktop\Portfolio\Sonic Mania\Images\Logo)

  • @Joey-Cummens

    These are not Notepad++ - related questions. As this is a “Notepad++ Community”, we focus on Notepad++ issues here, not HTML, not CSS, etc. Please find a more suitable forum to ask those types of questions. Also, Google is very tolerant. :)

  • Thank you. I’d do that. Apologies for derailing the topic. I always do that for some reason. Thanks again.

  • This post is deleted!

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