start notepad++ with a search character

  • I would like to open a file at a character location.
    I use an application that puts a marker character in the file when you open the editor while running the application. I would like to put that character in the command line that opens the editor and have the file open at the character instead of the top of the file.
    I did a cursory search in the forum to find this capability.
    I did not find it.
    Is this possible?

  • @Stuart-Stevenson

    when providing a file as command line parameter you can also provide
    -nLinenumber -cColumn or -pPosition

    notepad++.exe test.txt -n10 -c5

    would open file test.txt. Scroll to line 10 and column 5

    notepad++.exe test.txt -p6

    would set the cursor to position 6 in the test.txt file.


  • thanks for the response Claudia

    I understand the first command and result but in the second I don’t know what position 6 is. I that a predefined location or is 6 the search term?

  • @Stuart-Stevenson

    Yes, it’s the location.
    If you open search->goto dialog and choose offset
    you will see where you current cursor is positioned.

    That are the only parameters, afaik, which can be used to locate a specific
    position during startup.


  • thank you

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