How to make notepad++ to stop removing "find what" textbox every time?

  • Here’s what I’m talking about:

    I checked every single one checkbox and every single one option in notepad++ but couldn’t find it. I probably missed it somewhere. Can you please help me to solve this problem, guys?

    I’m sick of notepad++ deleting my “find what” text box every time I close search box and then select anything :(

  • NP++ interprets highlighted text as the thing you want to FIND.

    But your last entry, your Regular Expression, should be easily accessed by clicking the Down Arrow next to the Find What box.

  • @Sergei-Kulagin

    I liked your video! Here’s another tip: If you put your editing caret on something that isn’t considered a “word” before you invoke the Find dialog, when the dialog opens it will have your previous search text still in the “Find what” box (what you want to have happen). In the simplistic editor window in your video, this isn’t possible, but in a realistic file there is usually some white space or blank lines near the caret so that you can do this.

  • yes it seems frustrating but is in effect logical as explained by the other posters.
    I find that when opening find then pressing keyboard down once, the previous search is always available.

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