UDL, style, apostrophe vs quote

  • Hi friends,

    could you please help me with creating own style? I want to highlight strings in quotes, like ‘some string’. But when it’s met apostrophe inside the string it becomes treat it as quote.
    ’it’ s some string’
    Is it possible to setup it somehow like as treat this sign as quote if it at the begging of the line or space(tabulate) exists before it? I’m trying to do this via Operators & Delimiters section.

    Can you advise any links with UDL 2 examples?


  • @Vitaliy-Tech
    Well, if the consumer of the string allows for some sort of escape character, say “~”, then you’d enter the string as:

    'it~'s some string'

    and you’d put “~” in the escape character box of the UDL dialog.

  • Yep, I know about escape symbols but in my case it’s not a nice solution. I’d prefer to have ability to set at least two symbols as delimiter such as < space+’ > or backward < '+space >.

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