WTF just happened to my textfile?

  • I’ve been using NP++ for years and am really confused. I had a quite important file with some changes that I had not yet saved. I apparently hit some hotkey and a modal came up that ended with “CANNOT be undone!!”, however I fucked up and hit enter. The tab was closed and now the file is totally empty. I have no idea WTF just happened. What godforsaken hotkey did I hit and how do I avoid this ever happening again?

  • Uhhh… sorry for the fast update but the file apparently still has all its contents, the problem was that notepad++ was displaying the file as empty when reopened several times over, even though it retained its original filesize and would appear populated when I open it in standard vanilla windows notepad. Opening it again in notepad++ several minutes later, the contents are all there.

    I’m super relieved but also even more confused than I was before.

  • A message I am aware of with CANNOT be undone relates to changing Character Set in Encoding menu. But there is no default shortcut for this.
    If your text contained non-English symbols then I guess that changing into “wrong” language could cause weird things.
    Some apps, when loading a file, may stop at specific byte sequences that mark (intentionally or by mistake) “end of file” but I was under the impression that Notepad++ is not one of them.
    When Notepad++ does open the “empty” file what does it show for encoding/codepage in the status line?

  • I’m pretty sure that’s the modal I saw. I didn’t have any non-english characters in there. NP++ is opening the file properly now, however it still loaded it as blank several times for a few minutes afterwards before loading it properly. The file didn’t change in that timeframe, nor did I restart NP++.

    Looks like the file is still UTF-8, so the encoding didn’t change. I’m really wondering what I did to the file to make NP++ temporarily choke w/ it.

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