"Allow on several lines" Preferences error.

  • Hello, I have n ++ v7.3.2.
    In the {Settings} - {Preferences} - {Delimiter - Delimiter selection settings …} section, the {Allow in multiple lines} checkbox does not display the selected option, it is not checked, but in the {C: \ Users \ NPPUser \ AppData \ Roaming \ Notepad ++ \ config.xml} The GUIConfig tag with name = “delimiterSelection” and the delimiterSelectionOnEntireDocument property have a value of 1.
    However, by giving {Ctrl + Mouse double click} text in parentheses across multiple lines, it is not selected. It only does so when I re-select the checkbox.
    Is this a bug or a problem with mi PC?.

  • It is a bug, see here. It will be fixed in the next release.

  • Thanks.