BUG: All my sessions / settings / styles are lost

  • Perhaps my config files silently corrupted themselves on shutdown, because they are all back to their default state now. My session of 20 documents is now empty, the color scheme is back to blinding white, and when I checked config.xml in either of its locations I saw that my replace tabs with 2 spaces setting was wiped out.

    I believe that is enough evidence to conclude that all three of session / styles / config erroneously reset themselves back to default.

    I wasn’t doing anything unusual, just a normal Windows 10 shutdown with Notepad++ 7.2.2 open. I re-opened it via the context menu of right clicking a text file and encountered the problem.

    This is upsetting because now there is no way for me to recall which files, from which directories scattered all over, that I had open. It’s also irritating not being able to know what the exact configuration I was happy with before was.

    This is apparently not an isolated event, because two years ago someone left this reddit comment:

    “In y experience I have seen Notepad++ lose its settings. It corrupts its local settings and then defaults to standard settings. This has happened to me a few times, where my preference for spaces over tabs was lost. Verify your settings and consider turning on the option to display whitespace.”

    That reply garnered no attention, and now at least one other person (me) has suffered data loss from the lack of a fix.

  • I feel your pain. I would be in serious hurt if my sessions / settings / styles were lost! And it’s obviously not an isolated event; however, it’s also not a common event, and difficult to debug unless it’s repeatable. Not that it will help your current situation, but perhaps it may help you or others in the future to know which files to backup, which are listed in this document on Configuration Files.

  • One other thing that may be helpful: if you had the Enable session snapshot and periodic backup enabled, some of the files you were working on may be in the Backup path listed in the settings.

    Go to Settings -> Preferences -> Backup group and then use Windows Explorer to browse the path (if any) in the Backup path: box.

    Hope this helps!

  • This is also something which I have experienced twice in as many months. The first time I merely assumed it was something which I had done and reset the option for periodic snapshots.

    Unfortunately today lost a significant of work in various stages of completion. Thankfully all was found within the backup folder, however it was aggravating having to go through and reopen almost two dozen documents because the app just randomly closes them on you.

  • @glennfromiowa The link to the document on Configuration Files is broken. What is the new location?

  • @Lajtai-Levente

    Since the old Npp documentation sites have been retired you can only find them in the web archive.

    To visit the old documentation regarding configuration files follow this link. The current version you can find here.

  • Hello, @lajtai-levente, @dinkumoil and All,

    @dinkumoil, from the web-archive site :


    Entering the old N++ documentation link :


    @dinkumoil, I got a more recent date ( July 16, 2019 07:14:59 ) than you, but I have not verified yet if the two versions are identical. I suppose it is !


    Best regards,


  • @guy038 , @dinkumoil , et alia:

    The modern version, https://npp-user-manual.org/docs/config-files/, was a “pared down” version of the disappeared NppWiki documentation available through web.archive.org , so it is not identical, but contains the information that was deemed “essential”.

  • Hi, @lajtai-levente, @dinkumoil, @peterjones and All,

    Peter, I did not spoke about possible differences between the old and the new N++ documentation sites but between two versions of the Web archive !

    • July 16, 2019 07:14:59 ( my version )

    • August 14, 2018 20:30:36( @dinkumoil’s version )



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