Forum UI gives little help how to register

  • It took quite a while to figure out how to register for NPP forum.
    When you click “Login” in top right, it doesn’t give any message in Firefox or IE. That’s w/ nothing blocking anything.

    Please consider putting some text at the top of home page saying these 4 ways are the only ways to sign up.
    There is no on-site registration form.
    Change the label from “alternative” to something like “the ONLY available login methods…”

    All I noticed was the “alternative login” - for facebook, google, twitter (having none of those) & what I was sure must be Hello, Kitty. I’ve never noticed the pre-pubescent girlish kitty icon for Github - all the yrs I’ve used the site. :)

    I tried to make some hidden registration form display, near the word “Login.”
    The page source shows there’s nothing else there.

    I finally found a blurb under Announcements - how to sign up.


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