Does making 32bit Notepadd++.exe large address aware make problems?

  • When editing larger files (> 200MB) in 32bit Notepadd++ I sometimes get an error that the file is too big to be opened. I am not sure if this is an internal restriction of Notepad++ or if it just runs out of memory. Usually the 32bit applications can allocate up to 1.5GB of memory and even though the files I try to open are never that large I can understand that internally the Notepad++ can use more memory then just the size of the file (for example if the characters are actually converted to unicode in memory or something like that).
    The problem of 1.5GB memory limit can be removed by setting the executable as ‘large address aware’ via the editbin tool (part of Windows SDK).
    I can enable this for notepad++.exe:

    EditBin /LARGEADDRESSAWARE notepadd++.exe

    I have already done it and I can open a bunch of large files without any issues so I guess that this helps. However I am not sure if this will cause problems in the application.
    Does anyone know of any issues when something like that is done?

    (note: I do not use the 64bit version since I use plugins which I can only find for 32bit version).

  • @Dalibor-Čarapić

    I’ve played with this a some time ago and had bad experience in regards
    of stability. It might be related to plugins I used instead of npp itself or
    the virtual environment it was running in but the same npp configuration
    was running without problems in normal setup. I must admit, I never tried to
    track down what the real issue was.


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