Notepad++ crashes and erases the file being worked on.

  • @logic-error

    If you are going to stick with your version 7.2, I would suggest you turn all “backup” options off…and see what happens going forward…good luck.

  • I’m sorry again for slow responses, I get site error ‘HERE’
    if I do anything other than enter a preprepared response.
    This site won’t let me edit or immediate reply. prefer not to get wrapped up in all that as I already
    have a nice little problem to work on.

    If not the v7.2 is there a version attainable you might recommend?

    Thank you, So if I have this correct, I will go to my version 7.2 under:
    Settings > Preferences > Backup
    and uncheck the ‘Remember current session for next launch’? and
    uncheck the 'Enable session snapshot and periodic backup,
    remove the timer variables if they need removed after these are unchecked (I’m assuming they wont)
    remove path, and leave None as None.

    Erasing ones programs is beyond MESSED UP, I would expect that kind of thing as a ploy for an
    application to get one to turn pro/ proprietary ware, or a competitors taking advantage
    of a weakness or vulnerability. thank you all again for your time. I see no real
    altermative but to try to find another useable code editor, preferably one
    that doesn’t just up and erase my stuff.

  • @logic-error ,

    I’m sorry, I couldn’t understand well your last post.
    You know, every program has it’s flaws (some might be really critical), they stay dormant and unnoticed but when they appear and are known they get fixed and the cycle repeats.

    If you decide to continue using Notepad++ get version 7.6 or bigger and you shouldn’t have problems like the one you described.

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