Just one question ...

  • (Before read this, I would say that I’m french, so my English is not perfect, so I would like you be inductive with me, thanks advance ^^)
    Hi everyone,
    I work in school on HTML programmation and the computer at my school have Notepad++ but he works with Windows Vista.

    I have download Notepad++ with an another computer who works with Windows 7 and I want to know if there is a problem if I transfer my file of Windows 7 on the version in Vista …

    I hope that you have understand my request. ^^’
    Thanks again. :D

  • @Nicolas-Vérie

    no, it doesn’t matter as long as you are transferring within windows operating systems.
    When using linux and windows or Mac and linux or Mac and windows,
    you need to take care about the end of line chars.


  • Ok, it reassures me. ^^’
    Thanks a lot !

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