Feature Request: Streamline the update process

  • Hello,

    Great product and I have been using for years and the best (and most frustrating) feature is the frequent updates that are pushed out. On the positive side, I love the fact that you adding features and fixing issues in timely fashion but the fact that I have to interrupt my desire to use Notepad++ and interact with the same set of install option selections whenever I it updates just slows me down.

    An chance that you can provide a streamlined experience for the updating process. Maybe on the dialog box where you inform that there is a new update there could be option labelled “Quick Update” which will

    1. Close Notepad ++
    2. Kick off the installer/update but will perform the update with all the previous selected defaults (NO user inputs/selections required)
    3. Will show the ‘completion’ screen with an option to restart back into Notepad++

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