Issue with v7.3.3 Drag and Drop Tabs

  • Is anyone else having an issue where they can’t drag and drop their open tabs on the tab bar?

    I’ve narrowed down the issue to occurring whenever “multi-line” is checked under the tab bar options. If I uncheck it, I can drag and drop again.

    I am running portable 32-bit. This occurs on a fresh instance of NPP as well.

  • I too have found this bug appearing in 7.3.3. It wasn’t in previous versions.
    I am running a 32-bit install on Windows 10 (64-bit) to use a wide range of plugins.

    As an aside, I don’t like the new appearance of the tabs. They look clunky and old hat. Could we go back to the appearance in previous versions?

  • Turn off multiline tabs and it works.
    Settings / Preferences / General

  • Just upgraded from 7.3.2 to 7.3.3 moments ago. Having same problem with tabs not being draggable. Disabling multiline is not a solution when even on a 1920 pixel wide display, I have 3 rows of tabs when working on a small project.

    Also noticed the change in tab style and strongly disapprove. Maybe it is a symptom of a bug? All tabs appear to be spaced father apart, with a pronounced bevel, and with a light grey bar across the top of each tab except for currently focused tab. The bars push the text on tab down, such that the bottoms of low-hanging letters *(g q j etc.) seem to hit the edge or get clipped. The colored bar on top of active tab seems to have a similar although not identical affect as the light grey bar on all inactive tabs. The tabs eat up more real-estate in the tab-bar panel than they need to.

    Safe(er-ish) from the CIA, but not from code gremlins it seems. :-)

  • It seems that there’s some work on this issue for the next version (also seems this was released as is because of the dll hijack issue that had to be fixed)

  • I think there should be a lock tabs position option in multiline instead of disabling multiline moving. I also have 2-3 lines of tabs open always.

  • This is a big problem for me as I open many files for a task and sometimes move files between tasks. Disabling a multiline is a big fail as then I can’t easily identify the tab as now I have to scroll through the list. Removing something so frequently used is frustrating.

  • @TonyP @Steffan-Rhoads The issue was fixed nearly 2 months ago and will be in the next Npp update. If you don’t want to wait for the update, then grab the AppVeyor snapshot build I posted here. There’s no problem with using the snapshot and it will update normally when a new release occurs.

  • Just ran into this same issue. Disabling multi-line tabs in the settings works, but you can also use keyboard/menu shortcuts to move tabs as a workaround until the bug is fixed.

    Menu + shortcut options
    View > Tab > Move Tab Forward [ Ctrl + Shift + Page down ]
    View > Tab > Move Tab Backward [ Ctrl + Shift + Page up ]

  • @Thom-Orahim It’s already fixed in v7.4.1

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