Some helpful feature request...

  • Hello! before all - editor is nice and helpfull.
    Working with editor always lacks the actions for quick work with programs code.
    The most wanted for me:

    • Close the secondary windows. For example Search Results (Ctrl+Shift+F).
      It would be so suitable to close that windows just press ESC key once.
      (way from Qt Creator)

    • Search Results (Ctrl+Shift+F)
      I would like to see results without a history.
      It is complex and long operate to clear content by mouse click every time.

    • Sometimes need an action Encoding -> Convert to ANSI CP866 or CP1251

    • Could not decide way to indent C-code (and same) :(

    Sorry for my wishlist :)

  • I totally agree about the first two items on your list - particularly the second one.

    Every time I need to search backwards, or perform a case sensitive search (etc), I have to remind myself to turn the switch off again before I perform an unrelated search and get the wrong result! When I am searching for a string, my mind is on the subject matter - not on the quirks of the search box.

    Probably the simplest answer would be to add a few extra search buttons with no history - ‘Search forwards’, ‘Search backwards’, ‘Search for whole word’ etc. However anyone who really wants to configure the search box with different defaults, should have to take some special action.

    I also wish the search box would echo any shortcut keys it does not explicitly use back to the active window. As it is, when the search box has focus, the shortcuts do not work.

    It is a shame the search box is as it is, because otherwise it is so powerful.


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