Notepad++ Document Map Bug on Windows 10 Multi-Desktops

  • @Claudia-Frank I was thinking on a GPU issue as well, but it’s hard for me to test this, the only Windows 10 machine I have is my laptop with integrated graphics (Intel Core i5 6200U CPU).

    It would be useful if someone else using Windows 10 could confirm me if they have this issue as well. Just open Notepad++ with Document Map on “Desktop 1”, leave it open, and look your Wallpaper on “Desktop 2”, there should be a shadow resembling the Document Map.

    Here’s a print screen from the lower Virtual Desktop screen where you can see the Notepad++ open on the left and the shadow on the right:

    Virtual Desktops

  • Reproducible for me with, also desktop 3 is affected. Also have a intel cpu wih integrated graphic.
    Other lists like function list don’t show the effect.
    Another observation, if you click to the region on desktop 2 it jumps back to n++ on desktop 1. Seems the canvas element _viewZoneCanvas in documentmap is not switched off on changing the desktop.
    Probably another windows message need to be handled.

  • @chcg, @Michel-Feinstein

    just curios, could you open the task view on both desktops and verify if you
    have two different desktop objects? (Notepad++ should be listed only on the desktop
    where it has started)


  • @chcg When I click on the region on Desktop 2 it also jumps back to Notepad++ on Desktop 1.

    @Claudia-Frank I have only 1 Windows Explorer process on Task Manager and one Windows Window Manager and I think that’s the way Windows 10 handles multiple desktops, I don’t think it creates one new process for each Desktop the user creates.

    Can you reproduce this issue?

  • @Michel-Feinstein

    Can you reproduce this issue?

    No, because I’m using Linux only since a couple of month. I do have a virtualbox image but it is
    a) slow like hell and
    b) not representative in this case.

    But just to be clear - if you start the task manager on both desktops
    you do see the notepad++ process always?
    If this is the case, then win10 uses one desktop object.
    If you see the notepad++ process only on one desktop then
    win10 uses two desktop objects.
    If the latter is the case, than notepad++ can’t be blamed about the shadows.
    But from what I understand currently, it looks like only one desktop object is used.
    It’s just a confirmation would clarify the situation.


  • @Claudia-Frank Wherever I start the Task Manager I can see Notepad++ process.

    It would be weird if the Task Manager was dependent on which Desktop you open it from, since it’s purpose is to manage the computer itself and not the desktops. It could hide things from other accounts, but other Desktops from the same user would be a very undesired behavior.

    Could you ask for some Notepad++ developer that codes on Windows 10 to check this?

  • @Michel-Feinstein

    Could you ask for some Notepad++ developer that codes on Windows 10 to check this?
    @chcg is a contributor. I know he is quite busy with migrating/supporting 64bit plugins/plugin manager
    but I hope he has a chance to have a look. @chcg let me know if this isn’t the case.

    Fyi, concerning the desktop objects, maybe a picture explains it better.

    Here you see that desktops.exe (the one from sysinternals) has created another explorer shell and as a child process npp has been started.
    The concept about different desktop objects is described here.
    If MS would have reused this architecture for its virtual desktops than the processes would be “invisible” for a different desktop object.
    Don’t understand me wrong, there would be still a way to access the processes but from logical and security point of view they
    are separated.


  • @Claudia-Frank I see…well I can’t see this kind of behavior here using neither Window’s native Task Monitor nor sysinternals Process Explorer. There’s just one explorer.exe to rule them all.

  • Claudia and Michel-Feinstein – I can replicate/reproduce this Document Map ghosting behavior on my brand new Windows 10 Dell desktop:

    Dell Optiplex 7080, Windows 10 Education Edition, i5-4590 CPU @3.30GHz, 16Gb Ram, 64-bit. NP++ 7.3.3 (32-bit) Build time: Mar 8 2017 03:37:37

    I understand the conversation with respect to the sysinternals desktop.exe app. The similar functionality in Windows 10 is a vast improvement. The sysinternals app does segregate processes to each individual desktop (no moving apps between desktop, etc.). The new virtual desktops in Windows 10 is integrated in the OS and is not, so far as I can tell, a separate app. In Task Manager I can see a Windows Desktop Manager, a Windows Sessions Manager and 2 explorer.exe items running. I see nothing that references “virtual” or “desktop” other than what I mention above.

    I cannot say if the new Virtual Desktop functionality is now built into Windows Explorer or not. Also, Windows Task Manager is global and not virtual desktop specific.NP Ghosting on Win10 Virtual Desktop

    But, again, I confirm the Document Map ghosting on multiple virtual desktops and the map ghost is “live” in that if I click on it, Windows will shift to the Virtual desktop NP++ is running on. Turn Document Map off, and ghost also goes away. The ghost is NOT foregrounded, though. Windows on the “current” desktop have a Z-position above it.

    I should note that there is another Virtual Desktop application, Dexpot, which has similar issues as described here, with respect to Windows 10, though usually its issue is with Windows 10 apps (like Mail, Calendar) showing up on multiple desktops no matter which they are run on) or the Windows 10 taskbar menu only works on Desktop 1. This is not the ghosting mentioned here, but perhaps is relevant in some way.

  • I have 2 desktops and just on explorer.exe instance on my Task Manager.

    @Claudia-Frank do you know if this bug has been already assigned to someone?

  • @Michel-Feinstein

    @Claudia-Frank do you know if this bug has been already assigned to someone?

    I’m not part of the development team so I cannot say if someone is currently working on it.
    But when looking at github open issues it doesn’t look like it has high priority.


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