Find window way too large. Any way to trim down?

  • Notepad++ is a good editor but nit everyone has a large monitor.
    On my work laptop the find window is about 1/4 of the screen and allways opens in the middle. Is there any way to knowck down its size? or split off some of the functions? or have a minimal find window until an option is clicked?

    Anyway all oher features work well and thanks for the community,

    Of course work could buy a larger screen laptop but hey, thats not gonna happen.

  • Maybe you can use incremental search if you don’t need all the functions. You can use it with Ctrl-Alt-I or in the menu “Search->Incremental search

  • The Find/Replace box would be just great if only it didn’t remember the special flags, like case sensitive, search upwards, whole word search. Surely hardly anyone uses these as default - they are useful, but why can’t we use them without changing the default? Whenever search doesn’t work for me, I know that I have left one of those flags set.

    I can also see Minsikau’s point - on a smaller screen that box would be inconvenient, and it contains a lot of white space - it could be compressed a bit.


  • Incremental search only finds whole words and there is no other options I can see to search as in “Find”, just with a much smaller window.

    ie EXexport in incremental search is not found when searching for “export”.

    Also re the normal Find window apart from being way too large it always opens in mid screen right over all the text i have open in Notepadd++. If i move the window to a side location and later on open find then if fills the centre again.

    Maybe an option to store the find box location would be a part fix or just make the find box always open at its last used position?

    or make some of the many options only on a sub menu like adobe acrobat “find” where there is a drop down box with options for whole words, case etc, these are sticky until changed by the user. They are just not right in the face all the time. If Adobe Acrobat thinks this is a good way to implement sub options then perhaps Notepad should consider as well.

    Find box on my laptop counsumes about 25% of the screen and in the middle. = most annoyance of Notepad++.

  • @minsikau said:

    the find window is about 1/4 of the screen and allways opens in the middle.

    It is my experience that the Find window opens centered on the Notepad++ main window the FIRST time you call it up during a Notepad++ session. If I move it somewhere else, then close it, the next time I call for it, it is shown not-centered, but where I last placed it.

    Regarding the size of the Find window, it is already fairly minimalistic, so splitting off some functions doesn’t seem realistic (in fact, a lot of people complain here that the Find feature doesn’t have enough features!). I suppose it largely depends upon your setup, but the Find window on my configuration is somewhere around 10% (if that) of the size of a Maximized Notepad++ window. If it were 25% for me, I’d probably think about complaining, too.

  • @David Bailey I strongly disagree with that. The fact the search flags are remembered is very useful in my opinion, and I almost always have case-sensitive and whole word search on. Now if the behavior were configurable (remember search flags: yes/no), I’d be fine with that.

  • @Markus-Kemp109

    In the past others have complained specifically about the search flags getting in the way of searches that are conducted without using the Find window (where those flags are easily seen and changed if needed). An example is the Select-and-Find-Next feature–it will use the search flags as previously set, but this may not be what the user wants at that moment. Perhaps @David-Bailey is alluding to that situation, I don’t know.

    In general, though, I am used to editors that allow you to set search flag defaults–all new searches that you initiate start out with the flags set that way, and along with specifying your search text you are able to alter the flags for the specific search you are doing at the moment. I like this idea and it would be a great thing to see in Notepad++ but I don’t hold out any hope for ever seeing it. :)

    configurable (remember search flags: yes/no)

    I could also get behind this idea. :)

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