Windows Notepad .LOG Feature

  • In Windows notepad.exe, by typing the phrase .LOG at the top of the text document, it automatically puts in the current date and time each time that text file is opened.
    Can Notepad++ be configured to do the same thing?
    Thanks in advance.

  • That sounds like the kind of arbitrary ‘feature’ that NP++ really doesn’t need! Perhaps there is a plugin that does something similar.


  • Make a shortcut for TextFX I:Date and Time

    Settings | Shortcut Mapper | Plugin commands | 218 I:Date && Time - short format | Modify

    I set Cntr+Shift+D. It worked directly, but don’t ask me how to change the format.

  • Sorry, I didn’t read the question carefully enough. And there doesn’t seem to be possible for me to delete my answer.

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