Tab style change

  • Hi
    I have noticed that tabs style changed recently.
    Now it is buttons …
    Not sure how I can paste screenshot.

  • I also noticed it since my upgrade to NPP 7.3.3. Why is this done? That’s totally unnecessary and it’s even disturbing…
    And why is the appearance of the tabs “back to normal” when you don’t select the multi-line option in the Tab Bar menu in Preferences?
    Please unroll this change in a newer version of NPP. It’s really “ugly”…

  • @Geert-Vancompernolle lol, the “disturbing” part made me laugh. The style change is necessary to fix the active tab’s row being moved to the bottom. I’d suggest testing out these builds (x86, x64) to get an idea of what the next version of Npp with multi-line will look like. Put the binary in your Npp 7.3.3 folder and launch it to test. Don’t download the SciLexer since it doesn’t have a signed certificate.

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